Welcome A. Prof. Roman Voliansky from Dniprovsky State Technical University(Ukraine) to be the committee member!

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A. Prof. Roman Voliansky

Dniprovsky State Technical University, Ukraine


Research Area: Optimization and control electromechanical and electrotechnical systems with regular and chaotic dynamics


Research Experience:

Since 2006 Roman Voliansky works as Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Department at the Dniprovsk State Technical University (DSTU).

He earned his Bachelor degree in Electric Drives from Dniprovsk State Technical University, Kamyanske, Ukraine, in 1999, his Master degree in Electric Drives in 2000 from the same university, and his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the National Mining University (NMU), Dnipro, Ukraine in 2005. In his PhD thesis work, he solved the control optimization problem for an electric drive with backlash in gear.

The most recent achievement is the use of interval math for designing mathematical backgrounds to solve optimization problems for linear and nonlinear dynamical systems from a single viewpoint.