Welcome Prof. Jianxiong Ye from Nanchang Institute of Technology to be the committee member!

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Prof. Jianxiong Ye

Nanchang Institute of Technology, China

Research Area: 

Electromechanical control and automation; Welding automation.

Research Experience: 

In 2007, he joined the Nanchang Institute of Technology as a lecturer in mechanical and electrical engineering. Associate Professor in 2008 and Professor in 2013. Visited the University of Windsor, Canada as a visiting scholar from 2015 to 2016. At present, he mainly teaches graduate and undergraduate courses such as "Electrical Control and PLC Application Technology", "Single Chip Microcomputer Principle and Application" and "Detection Technology and Sensor Principle". Supervised 7 graduates and 30 graduates. His research direction is electrical control and automation, welding automation, etc. He has published more than 70 academic papers, including more than 20 EI papers, obtained more than 10 invention and utility model patents, hosted and participated in the National "863" and National Natural Science Foundation , China Postdoctoral Fund, Jiangxi Natural Science Foundation and more than 20 projects, won the first prize of Nanchang Science and Technology Progress Award.