Welcome Prof. Chunming Li from Shengli College in China University of Petroleum to be the committee member!

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Prof. Chunming Li

Shengli College in China University of Petroleum, China

Research Area:

Mechanical engineering and automation.

Research Experience:

He has many innovative achievements in mechanical principle, mechanical design, mechanical optimization design, mechanical innovation design, optimization method and innovation method. 

One of his research results--《Fundamentals of mechanical control engineering》:Based on the vibration theory, the discipline theory system is integrated. Several concepts are improved. Based on the principle of equivalent substitution,the phase point and branch point position are exchanged. The knowledge point that the two can't be directly interchanged is added. The classical control theory and modern control theory are standardized for simple system and complex system control theory. The definition of closed loop and open loop is clarified. The maximum overshoot and stability margin degree are normalized to the maximum ratio and the stability margin. The order of the arrangement of Nyquist and Bode is analyzed. It can be understood in accordance with two ideas.