Welcome Dr. Kailai Deng from Southwest Jiaotong University to be committee member!

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Dr. Kailai Deng

Southwest Jiaotong University

邓开来博士 西南交通大学

Research Area: Seismic control

Research Experience:

Dr. Deng got his doctoral degree at Department of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University in 2016. His doctoral dissertation “Development of earthquake resilient slotted RC wall-energy dissipation coupling beam structure” received the First prize for Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Tsinghua University. After graduation, Dr. Deng joined Department of Bridge Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University to continue his researches. In 2017, Dr. Deng got the position of the JSPS (Japan society for the Promotion of Science) postdoctoral Fellowship for overseas researchers. He spent one year in the DPRI (Disaster Prevention Research Institute), Kyoto University.

Dr. Deng focuses on the seismic performance of bridges and development series of method to prevent the earthquake induced structural damage. Starting from the material level, he proposed the constitutive material model of ultra-high-performance concrete, and investigated the collapse mechanism of the RC (reinforced concrete) arch bridges. A novel beam-to-column connection was proposed to reduce the seismic damage of the steel frame. In the above field, Dr. Deng has published series of papers on the well reputed international journals and serves as the reviewer for several journals.