Welcome Distinguished Pro.Bin-Juine Huang from National Taiwan University, Taiwan to be committee member!

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Distinguished Pro.Bin-Juine Huang

National Taiwan University, Taiwan

黃秉鈞荣誉教授 台湾大学

Research Area: 

Solar energy; energy engineering; cooling; LED; control

Research Experience:

Bin-Juine Huang is currently a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University (NTU), Taipei, Taiwan, where he is the Director of New Energy Center. He has devoted research to a broad array of fields, including energy systems (solar PV, geothermal, ocean thermal, wind, boiler, waste heat, loop heat pipe), cooling technology (absorption, ejector, desiccant, cryocoolers, thermoelectric cooling), solid-state lighting (LED), and system dynamics and control technology. His research tries to bridge the gap between academia and industry. He has developed more than 30 products with industry. He authored more than 200 academic papers and 250 technical reports, and holds more than 60 worldwide patents. His first paper was published in Nature in 1976. The number of paper citations and paper download of Prof. Huang ranks the first in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and within TOP10 of the whole NTU. Nine papers are elected as ScienceDirect TOP25 Hottest Articles in various international journals. The number of citation of a paper is ranked first in International J. of Refrigeration and another paper is ranked TOP 20 in Solar Energy.

Prof. Huang won many awards, including Outstanding Youth Award, National Outstanding Engineering Professor Award, Academician of Academy of Sciences of Technological Cybernetics of Ukraine, Academician of International Academy of Refrigeration, Tong-Yuan Science and Technology Award, Outstanding Research Award of Ministry of Science and Technology, Science and Technology Award of China-Tech Foundation, and Solar and New Energy Contribution Award of Solar Energy Society of Taiwan. In 2008, Prof Huang won the Global Research Partnership (GRP) Award (4.5 million USD) of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia. Prof. Huang is currently developing solar PV system for self-consumption and energy storage technology for replacing nuclear power in Taiwan.